Thursday, April 21, 2016


Today in Art class we watched several video clips about artists from history who were masters of the printmaking technique: Albrect Durer, Hokusai, M.C. Escher, and Rembrandt van Rijn. (Mrs. Nichols had to be out today.)

  • I can write 3-5 facts about the artist featured in each video. 
  • I can write a short summary about the artists and their styles. 
Things to think about: 
  • What type of printmaking does the artist do? (woodcut, etching, linoleum, etc.)
  • What is the subject matter? (What kinds of things does the artist like to draw? landscapes, people, nature, etc.)
  • Which one is your favorite artist?  

                  Art With Mati and Dada, Hokusai; Youtube

Hokusai: The Old Man Mad About Drawing; Youtube

Rembrandt and Printmaking, Philadelphia Museum of Art; Youtube

Abrecht Durer; Khan Academy, Youtube

 The Mathematical Art of M.C. Escher, Youtube

M.C. Escher; Creating the Snakes Woodcut, Youtube

Here are a few more interesting videos about printmaking: 

Woodcut Process, Youtube

  LINDA COTE-Printmaking Rooster Art, (printing multiple colors with a relief plate); Youtube

How Ink Is Made, Youtube

Field Trip; Sawtooth Print Shop, Cassie Stephens on Youtube

Today's lesson met the National Core Art Standard "RESPONDING" 
Anchor Standard 7: The student will perceive and analyze artistic work.
Enduring Understanding: Individual aesthetic and empathetic awareness developed through engagement with art can lead to understanding and appreciation of self, others, the natural world, and constructed environments.